HilBren Consulting Services Inc.
Experts in Buisness Operations and Legal solutions

HilBren Computing Services can provide consulting expertise in the following areas:

Systems Design and Analysis
  •     Feasibilty Studies
  •     Project Management
  •     Management Consulting
  •     Requirement Analysis
  •     Software Development & Programming for Windows and Web-based Systems
  •     Systems Integration
  •     Commercial Banking, Brokerage, Funds Transfer and other financial related applications


  •       Expert Witness experience in the areas of computer based financial, banking, brokerage, funds transfer and trading applications.
  •       Deposition and Trial experience
  •       Litigation and Damage Analysis Support
  •       Copyright and Patent Infringement Reseach, Anaylsis and Expert Report
  •       Breach-of-Services analysis
  •       Fraud Analysis and Reporting (Computer-related systems)

Data Base Design
  •    Data Modeling
  •    Database Development and Deployment
  •    Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle and Access expertise

Financial Applications
  •      Brokerage and Trading applications
  •      Funds Transfer and EFT
  •      Commercial and Wholesale Banking (FX, L&D, Commodities)
  •      Payroll and Disbursing applications
  •      Accounting applications

General Applications
  •       Materials Tracking Systems  (Medical Services)
  •       Inventory Control and Tracking
  •       Travel and Relocation Payment and Tracking